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Analyze Your city's strengths and challenges to create an action plan

Action Plan

strategy: sociable city building blocks

Assemble Action Teams

The third phase builds upon the priorities established through interviews to cast a wider net among your city’s stakeholders to develop a deeper understanding of your social economy’s strengths, challenges and opportunities. Roundtable focus groups will gather information and build consensus on a course of action.

Six Core Measures of a Sociable City

A critical analysis and action plan will be developed using RHI’s core measures of a sociable city


resources: mobilize for implementation

Check out how RHI worked with the City of Orlando to enhance their nighttime social economy.

The fourth and final phase will be a presentation of the comprehensive summary and action plan, which will have been vetted and reviewed by your project leaders. Findings will be presented to key decision-makers (e.g. City Council) for citywide buy-in and support. The final report will serve as a blueprint to implement the action plan. The final on-site meeting will review the strategy for implementation, including timeline and resources required.

By the end of the comprehensive process, RHI will have engaged 60-80 people who represent diverse perspectives in planning and management of the social economy. Breaking down silos and connecting disparate stakeholders is a key outcome of the process, as well as the report to guide their next steps.