Music Cities: Evaluating a Global Cultural Policy Concept (2020)

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This book provides a critical academic evaluation of the "music city" as a form of urban cultural policy that has been keenly adopted in policy circles across the globe, but which as yet has only been subject to limited empirical and conceptual interrogation. With a particular focus on heritage, planning, tourism and regulatory measures, this book explores how local geographical, social and economic contexts and particularities shape the nature of music city policies (or lack thereof) in particular cities. The book broadens academic interrogation of music cities to include cities as diverse as San Francisco, Liverpool, Chennai, Havana, San Juan, Birmingham and Southampton. Contributors include both academic and professional practitioners and, consequently, this book represents one of the most diverse attempts yet to critically engage with music cities as a global cultural policy concept.

Note: Includes a chapter titled, Regulating the San Francisco Sound: How a Music Venue Crackdown Inspired Pioneering Advancements in Entertainment Regulation and Support by RHI staff Alicia Scholer, Jocelyn Kane, and Ben Van Houten.

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