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Assessing Economic Impacts of Nightlife

How Does Nightlife Benefit Your Local Economy?

Determine the economic value of your city’s nightlife through practical collection tools and local data sources. Economic impact studies establish concrete evidence for the value of nightlife, leading many cities to more appropriately allocate public resources for impact management. A 2003 economic study of New York City’s nightlife found that 86% of out-of-towners who patronized a nightlife venue also spent money on shopping, hotels, restaurants and transportation, totaling $3.7 billion. Do you know which industries thrive on nightlife patrons, and which would suffer if nightlife activity ceased? Find out how to assess the contribution of nightlife to your local economy.

  • Track how nightlife consumers spend their money pre- and post- nightlife patronage
  • Tourism & nightlife: role of nighttime activity in attracting visitors
  • Local data sources to collect sales, revenue and employment information
  • How to apply current assessment methodology to the nighttime economy
  • Role of government in facilitating creation of an economic impact study.



Mac Nichols

Lauren Schlau

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