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Does Your City Need a Night Manager?

A Global Movement Brings Structure to the Nighttime Economy

Cities from New York to San Francisco, and London to Sydney have conducted impact studies of the nighttime economy. Whether from the $9.7 billion in economic activity in New York City's nightlife or the 48,000 people employed in San Francisco's restaurants and social venues, managing the complexities of social trends in city centers is becoming a full-time job. The concept of a Night Manager or Night Mayor is reaching a growing number of cities that are establishing positions to enhance sociability as an economic engine while minimizing impacts on public safety and quality of life from the intensity of nighttime activity.

  • What are the driving forces to create a formal position in a city to manage the nighttime economy?
  • Would you consider the role as a liaison, advocate, regulator or combination?
  • What outcomes can be achieved in planning a safe and vibrant nighttime economy?
  • How can you measure success?
  • What have been the greatest challenges in your role?
  • Greatest achievements?



Mirik Milan

Allison Harnden

Jocelyn Kane

Janice Solomon

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