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Nightlife Challenges in College Towns

Balancing College Social Life and Personal Accountability

Lincoln, Nebraska and Springfield, Missouri both host a large population of college students in proximity to nightlife district destinations. Learn how these cities partner police, bar owners, community groups, and universities to share public safety strategies and ensure student accountability. In addition to challenges related to bars and nightlife venues, house parties and neighborhood disturbances are equally impactful.

  • Collaborative Partnerships: Learn how to coordinate partnerships between various universities, and between university and city police to tackle underage drinking and disorderly behavior on and off-campus
  • Good Neighbor Handbook: Find out what content is critical in such a guide, and how to achieve buy-in among students and licensed venues.; Last Drink Data is a valuable resource for identifying top venues associated with the most risk.
  • Enforcement strategies for house parties and landlords: Find out how Lincoln established a Wild Party Patrol to address out-of-control house parties and successfully cited landlords for disorderly house violations
  • Professional training for employees: Learn how Springfield coordinated professional training opportunities for employees to promote alternative activities and both enhance and enrich the entertainment district.
  • Protective Custody: Learn how Lincoln’s civil protective custody site is an effective tool for gathering data and addressing intoxicated persons without burdening hospital staff.
  • Data-driven strategies: Learn how a review of student-related citation data and self-reported drinking behavior can help identify patterns, trends and emerging issues.
  • University Education Strategies: Universities provide significant resources in educating students about alcohol and health education. Find out which strategies work the best.



Joy Citta

Linda Major

Rusty Worley

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