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San Francisco, CA City Showcase

Model Policy that Balances Safety with Fun

San Francisco is a world-class destination to live, work and play

An economic impact study proved the significant worth of the city’s nighttime economy. Attend this webinar to learn how a dedicated government commission reviews entertainment permit applications and mediates disputes. You’ll also find out how the annual Nightlife Summit keeps nightlife venues informed about trends and fosters peer collaboration.

Discussion Topics
  • Entertainment Commission: Composed of community members, industry leaders, and government staff, this commission issues permits and helps licensees stay in compliance. Find out how to promote responsible entertainment through a business-friendly approach that balances regulation with economic development.
  • Annual Nightlife Summit: Hosted by the Entertainment Commission, this event aims to convene business owners to discuss common challenges and review new policies, such as California’s Proprietary Security Officer License, which requires licensing of security staff.
  • Coordination with Police: Learn how collaboration between the SFPD and the Entertainment Commission has resulted in quicker and more effective response by the commission’s enforcement agents.
  • Role of Elected Officials in Supporting Nightlife: Elected officials, particularly those that represent nightlife districts, can help garner support for the nightlife industry by enacting legislative changes and introducing innovative programs.
  • Economic Impact Study: Find out the results of this groundbreaking study of San Francisco’s nightlife economy, which contributed $55 million in payroll and sales taxes to the city’s general fund and accounted for $4.2 billion in spending in 2010.
  • Multi-modal Transportation Plan for Nightlife: A plan is underway to evaluate how to improve nighttime transportation in the city. The project will address limited public transit after midnight, how to improve taxi service and supply, as well as safety in parking areas.
  • Nightlife-focused Position in Mayor’s Office of Economic Development: A new position has been created for a Project Manager of the Nightlife and Entertainment sectors with responsibility over supporting the continued growth and success of nightlife, to be measured in job creation, retention, attraction economic activity, and support



Jocelyn Kane

Scott Weiner

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